About me

I'm a voracious learner, and can't get enough of new ways to solve problems with programming. Highly effective pair programmer, writer, and communicator. I love a good bug hunt, and care deeply about writing and designing clean, clear, efficient code. If I'm not writing code, I'm probably cooking, brewing beer, or baking bread. In a past life I was a political philosopher.


Full-featured social networking site.
Built on a stack of Rails, React, and Redux.
Live updates through web sockets and the pusher API.
Multi-session user auth, users can log in from multiple locations.

Cluck Cluck Moo

Addictive vertically scrolling platformer
Animated in-game characters using tools from the easel.js library.
Tracks high scores using Firebase realtime database


Lightweight ORM providing and interface between Ruby applications and a database
Uses metaprogramming to dynamically create Ruby objects and methods


Some of my favorite Technologies